Mariano Saderra opens a small, humble workshop in Barcelona, where he repaired and made umbrellas

In 1915, the town market of Sant Antoni witnessed the opening of the first small and humble workshop founded by Mariano Saderra. The current owner of this company honors the memory of his grandfather’s uncle, the man who spent long hours creating and repairing umbrella in that tiny space. Those were hard times, but Mariano felt the greatest reward was nurturing that passion he felt for his work.

Not long after, his skill was already well known among people in the town, and his workshop welcomed more and more clients who relied on the expertise of this artisan and his able hands.

That was the beginning of a long saga of umbrella creators.

Mariano Saderra

His nephew Eduardo López Llorente took over, and they opened their first store

Business grew, and Mariano Saderra taught the secrets of this art to his nephew: Eduardo López Llorente. Eduardo fell in love with artisanship. It was love at first sight, and he found that his work was a source of inspiration, leading to creativity and imagination.

Some time later, this passionate nephew inherited the business, and opened the first store on Sepúlveda Street, No. 157, Barcelona, where he sold, manufactured, and repaired umbrellas.

Eduardo’s name shows up in the company’s history for the first time in 1932. His name, and that of his family, continue to live on over half a century later.

Eduardo López Llorente

The frog, a symbol and image for the artisans’ workshop

At that time, the early XXth century, Eduardo López started sketching the icon that would represent the store. Of course, both the store and workshop were already well known among people in the city. But Eduardo had greater dreams. He wanted people to identify his umbrellas with an image that would be easy to remember, something that would be closely linked to prosperity and water.

His powerful imagination then envisioned a frog as a symbol of good luck, renovation, rebirth, fertility, leadership, transition and the process of a metamorphosis.

Eduardo chose to place two wooden boards on either side of the front door to his store, both featuring frogs: one of the boards showed a happy, lively frog with a new umbrella representing a happy buyer; the other featured a sad, upset frog with a broken umbrella in need of the services offered by the workshop.


Transformation and change. PARIMEX is born along with VOGUE fashion in the rain. Eduardo López Cabré third generation

1968 was an important year in world history. Students marched to protest against the War in Vietnam. Young protesters marched openly in Paris and Berlin. It was the year of the Prague Spring, and it also marked the first manned mission to the moon, with Apollo 8 successfully returning after completing its journey.

It was also a year of changes and transformation in the life story of Eduardo López Cabré, the son of the former owner and the father of the company’s current manager. Eduardo had inherited the tradition of artisans he had learned at his father’s workshop, and chose to continue to use the frog as the symbol of the family business.

The symbol deserved to be honored, and during that year the workshop went through a great metamorphosis, for the new owner was inspired and encouraged by favourable growth rates and created Parimex, an acronym formed by using the first groups of letters of Paraguas (Umbrellas, in Spanish), Importation and Exportation. At the same time, he created the Vogue brand. The name immediately became a symbol of quality fashion and exclusive designs, and was soon a leader in its industry sector.

That original, humble workshop on Sepúlveda Street became a factory requiring larger facilities. So the production center moved to San Salvador de Ripollet Street, while the Design team and main offices moved to Miquel i Badia Street, also in Barcelona.

Eduardo López Cabré

PARIMEX-VOGUE: Expansion and international footprint. Eduardo López Sampedro, fourth generation

Parimex continued to evolve and expand internationally, though it never forgot its origins: a dedicated family business created in the early XXth century, with a passion for making umbrellas. It was a feeling Eduardo López also instilled in his future successor, who owns the company today. Eduardo López Sampedro is a member of the fourth generation of this family.

Eduardo López inherited not only the love for his craft and art, but also that spirit of entrepreneurship that was already a legacy. It was the spirit behind the international expansion of VOGUE, a brand that reached the United States, Korea, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and 30 other relevant international markets.

Eduardo López, CEO Parimex-Vogue

Eduardo López Sampedro

Exportation volumes grow. The factory on Ripollet Street becomes a major logistics hub for national and international distribution

International growth brought greater strength and the factory on Ripollet Street ­— that successor of the workshop created in 1915 — became a large logistics center with two big warehouses: Warehouse No. 1, as the platform for daily and just-in-time deliveries to both national and international clients; Warehouse No. 2, on the other hand, housed all the collections, with products always in stock.


A vision of the future and renovation. Online sales, also social networks

This long voyage, a centennial feat for a family business now entering the XXIst century, found a new landmark when Eduardo López decided to make good use of social networks and open the company’s online store, when the domain paraguas.es became paraguasvogue.com.

These two sales channels gave Eduardo the chance of recovering that close and direct contact with consumers and clients, empowering the original vocation of 1915 when his grandfather’s uncle had opened the small workshop.

Paraguas Vogue Website

New product line presented in world markets: Parimex Urban waterproof backpacks

Now, in 2019, Eduardo López continues to keep alive the essence that inspired the birth of this business: progress, transformation, improvement and prosperity, all of this represented by the frog that has been the business image for this family since 1940.

Evolution has materialized with the creation of a most innovative line of products, the PARIMEX URBAN backpacks…also represented by the iconic frog as its brand image. For the current owner of this company pays homage to his ancestors, and wishes to keep alive the memories of the small workshop where the history of Parimex began.

Of course, the new backpacks are waterproof. Always present in this company, water and rain, hand in hand with safety, comfort and design. The Parimex frog represents these values and has a name of its own: Xuva.

Today, Parimex continues to evolve and change, always hand in hand with the iconic frog that continues to point to the future, now showing the way to the members of the fifth generation of this family.