Be connected.


Our Connect backpacks are functional, designed to adapt to the daily activities of busy people, so they are smart.

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Because Connect has integrated USB connections to recharge the batteries. All backpacks have a number of pockets and compartments, to safely and comfortably hold and carry devices like tablets, notebooks, mobile phones…

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All Parimex Urban backpacks are made from cut-resistant, water-resistant, and weather-resistant fabrics.

High comfort standards

Quality test proof 100%

Multifunctional & versatility

Body balance design

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Minimalist and modern lines make this backpack ideal for travelers, university or school students, or gym goers.

Optimal smart volume

Light & long lasting components



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The backpack features a functional, easy-reach outside pocket. Like all other products by this company, with adjustable straps and padded, ergonomically designed elements.



USB port

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