About us

PARIMEX, creating and designing VOGUE umbrellas since 1968, is now presenting an attractive line of waterproof PARIMEX URBAN backpacks.

True to our philosophy, based on water and rain, these backpacks combine those principles with functionality, design, protection, and comfort.

The brand image of the new Parimex Urban backpacks is, of course, the iconic Parimex frog. A symbol that has been always with us, ever since the first workshop-store opened, back in 1932.

Xuva the frog is as young as ever, and paying homage to a family saga starting in 1915, over a century ago, and now headed by members of the fourth generation.

Xuva represents those values that define Parimex in the very best way: overcoming, innovating, service, quality, and design.

Learn more and read the whole history here: www.parimex.com/historia